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PETTIBON TRACTION: Vertical Axis Cervical Traction

Many chiropractors focus on rotational and translational misalignments along the axes, but ignore one of the most important, translation on the Y-Axis. This occurs mostly in the form of spinal compression.  While many adjustments will take care of other components, there are few chiropractors who address compression of the spine. Techniques that address this type of subluxation include Flexion Distraction, occipital lift techniques, Y-Axis traction adjusting, and some others.

One of the longest standing techniques addressing this concern is the Pettibon Technique.  They have a very basic and affordable home unit that hangs on a door or can be mounted to a wall.  I have been using this type of traction in practice for over 30 years and I can not say it has changed one bit.  Simple and effective. I also have used it for many years with excellent results.

The benefit of this type of traction is that it maintains the cervical lordosis while delivering Y-Axis traction.  Traditional medical traction works in flexion and takes the lordosis out.  This can create future degenerative problems in the anterior neck.

I would recommend working with a chiropractor with this type of modality; however it can be safe to say most people need this, as we live in a world where we fight gravity.

There are several videos on the internet on how to properly use this apparatus.  Again, run it by a chiropractor based on your spinal condition.