Oral Inflammation

The above image shows severe dysbiosis that has advanced to the point where the lymphatic fluid has drained as far as the upper right quadrant.

Oral Dysbiosis: Oral inflammation may be a sign of dysbiosis of the oral cavity.  This is very similar to dysbiosis of the intestines.

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Reduce Oral Inflammation
Oral/ Gum inflammation is epidemic and easily identified on thermal imaging.
DO NOT use this program unless you have been evaluated and you have been diagnosed with Oral Dysbiosis.
If you would like to work with prevention follow from day 30 on.  DO NOT do Phase 1.
Phase One: 30 DaysOral Inflammation 7847487
1. See your dentist for a deep scaling and cleaning
2. Use floss, proxabrush, and water pick (Amazon Link) to clean between all teeth (2x daily)
3. Use a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% water to swish between your teeth for 2
minutes after step 2
4. Perform oil pulling daily (Video) immediately after step 3
Phase Two: 30-60 Days
5. Continue proxabrush, flossing, oil pulling, and  water pick daily
6. Use designs for health PERIOBIOTIC toothpaste for 30 days before bed

Phase 3: Maintenance

oral dysbiosis
Oral toxins leaking in to the right nipple
7. Continue proxabrush, floss, and water pick daily
8. Use PERIOBIOTIC toothpaste Daily
9. Oil Pull weekly
10. Have semi-annual thermography tests to see your improvement.
Periobiotic Toothpaste