Hormone Toxicity

Visualizing Hormone Toxicity On Thermal Imaging

We are at the cutting edge in technology and have seen some remarkable presentations in the physiology of the body.  We are pioneering areas that have never been seen before.  One of these areas is in the area of toxicity.  We have established a relationship between Hormone Toxicity/ Fibrocystic Breasts and small pockets of inflammation that we describe as “leopard spots”.

More properly these areas are sequestered areas of inflammation due to toxins in the form of several possibilities.  Through massive deduction of hundreds of thousands of cases we theorized these points are aberrant and only found in pathological patients.

We have established this through clinical experience and intense study of specific habits of our large patient base. For example we notice an absence or minimization of these spots in patients who live a toxin free life and adhere to strict diet and lifestyle.

We need a large study of this nature but understanding that studies of this size only are performed for drug companies we will probably never see one.  The best we buy ambien
can offer at this point is our experience and observations.

Here is what you can do now:

  1. Visit our website at www.fibrocysticbreasts.org and review the lifestyle page
  2. Start a Cleanse and adopt a healthy eating program.  Look at the results below.
  3. Reduce Stress
  4. Eliminate Caffeine
  5. Exercise
  6. Follow Dr. Piana’s 7 Steps to Wellness
Healthy Lifestyle


Changes are Possible