Purification Program (Cleansing)

Gut Healing 

Gut Healing in a world of toxins and poor diet is one of the most important things we can do for our health. It is NOT enough to remove the toxins from our system.  The damage done is critical and at times may beyond repair.  The fallacy and false security of thinking a 3 day, 14 day, or even 28 day cleanse, or a routine of probiotics can change your gut health after 50 years of abuse is not within logical reasoning.

Life changes in diet will also be very limited and will allow for very slow changes without following a sound program We recommend a gut health protocol developed by Dr. Piana in his 30 years of exploration of this disease.

Below is a link to a 14 day cleanse that should be used 3 times per year to flush the system of toxins.  As just stated.  THIS IS JUST A START!  Dr. Piana’s protocol should be followed.  He will tailor a program specifically for you to allow gut healing.

Many of my patients show patchiness on thermography.  I call these “leopard spots”.  They are indicative of pockets of inflammation that arise from either hormonal inflammatory expression or sequestered toxicity. Many times a clogged filter (liver) is responsible for the backup, similar to spaghetti clogging the drain of the sink.  Cleansing can unclog the filter and allow the body to rid itself of poisons.

-Dr. Piana

The first step of a cleansing program should be to shut down the immigration of toxins into the body.  The plan is laid out nicely in the Paleo Cleanse, as is a lifestyle program for after the cleanse.

-Dr. Piana

21 Day Purification

21 Days of cleansing and purification  is a good start for all wellness programs.  Whether it is your first cleanse or you have been on several this will teach your body how to be healthy.  It is NOT a 21 day cleanse.  It is a lifestyle.  It would be silly to think you only need to be healthy for 21 days.  Do the cleanse at 2x  per year to align your eating habits and maintain wellness from the inside.  You can order the Standard Process  program from us directly.