PETTIBON TRACTION: Vertical Axis Cervical Traction

Many chiropractors focus on rotational and translational misalignments along the axes, but ignore one of the most important, translation on the Y-Axis. This occurs mostly in the form of spinal compression.  While many adjustments will take care of other components, there are few chiropractors who address compression of the spine. Techniques that address this type of subluxation include Flexion Distraction, occipital lift techniques, Y-Axis traction adjusting, and some others.

One of the longest standing techniques addressing this concern is the Pettibon Technique.  They have a very basic and affordable home unit that hangs on a door or can be mounted to a wall.  I have been using this type of traction in practice for over 30 years and I can not say it has changed one bit.  Simple and effective. I also have used it for many years with excellent results.

The benefit of this type of traction is that it maintains the cervical lordosis while delivering Y-Axis traction.  Traditional medical traction works in flexion and takes the lordosis out.  This can create future degenerative problems in the anterior neck.

I would recommend working with a chiropractor with this type of modality; however it can be safe to say most people need this, as we live in a world where we fight gravity.

There are several videos on the internet on how to properly use this apparatus.  Again, run it by a chiropractor based on your spinal condition.

Calcium supplementation linked to heart disease

Anthony Piana, DC

A study from the British medical Journal shows a link between calcium supplementation and heart disease. It was originally thought that calcium increases the balance of HDL’s to LDL’s.

It seems to be that the evidence is clear. Also consider the incidence of calcium and kidney stones. Mixing calcium with oxalic acid (kale/ spinach) or citric acid (Vitamin C) has been widely accepted.

I recommend getting calcium naturally from food sources such as meats and vegetables. A stomach full of pills (Pharma or natural) is not in my definition of wellness. If you are going to take any food supplements, it should be just that… food. Products from company’s like Standard Process do a great job.


Vascular events in healthy older women receiving calcium supplementation: randomised controlled trial


Conclusion Calcium supplementation in healthy postmenopausal women is associated with upward trends in cardiovascular event rates. This potentially detrimental effect should be balanced against the likely benefits of calcium on bone.

Water and Cancer Prevention

Water is everywhere. Water is unique to planet Earth and essential for life. Our bodies are 70% water and have evolved on the consumption of water as the primary substance of ingestion. In today’s world full of sodas, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and other flavorful drinks water is neglected by most people.

The body’s metabolism is 100% dependent upon water. Without it, or in a dehydrated state the body’s functions cannot perform optimally. These functions include immune response and all other metabolic functions. I like to picture the water between the cells of our body as an aquarium that feeds fish within its confines. In our case the cells are metaphorically fish.

Imagine sludgy water within an aquarium that you can barely see into. Now imagine the health of the fish swimming around. Picture someone pouring soda into that aquarium to feed the fish.  Add into that pesticides and other chemicals.

In our example what would the health of the fish be like? Now picture the water between your cells and lymphatic system the water from the aquarium example.  What does that look like? The answer for most people would be “like a filthy aquarium.”

Now take the sludge around the cells and in the lymphatic system and remove the significant content of water from it. How does that look? How does the immune system function in such an environment?

This is analogous to what most people’s systems look like.  How is the body going to perform the task of sorting out proper nutrients from the dirty matrix?  It is difficult at best.

Without changing the diet simply add 4 liters of water to your internal aquarium daily and a world of life will come back.  Change the diet to eliminate food additives, coloring, pesticides, GMO food products, and other junk and imagine your potential.  In fact the immune system has great potential to kill cancers cells in the proper environment.

If I were asked the best natural thing that can be done to prevent cancer… this would be it!