Whole body vibration therapy has become very popular among both patients and providers over the past few years. I personally have performed this therapy in my office for the past 12 years. It is very interesting to see changes to lymphatic system heat through infrared thermographic Imaging.

Areas of circulation, both through the circulatory and lymphatic system, can become blocked or backed up through several factors including injury, weight gain, aberrant biomechanics, and other factors. Tight or properly fitting bra use commonly restrict lymphatic flow. It may be difficult to restore proper circulation and lymphatic flow after restriction has occurred.

Nutritional therapy can be used. I have experienced good results with the 21-day Standard Process purification program, Spanish Black Radish, and increasing fluid uptake.

Full Body Vibration Therapy can be used to open lymphatic channels to move stagnant fluid through the system.  I recommend performing 5- 10 minutes daily with comparative thermal studies to see improvement.

I have personally compared whole body vibration with trampoline use, and have seen a big advantage in outcomes with the vibration systems. There are many home units available on the internet for an affordable price.

The best way to evaluate lymphatic dysfunction, as well as circulatory compromise, is through thermographic Imaging. I recommend six months of therapy before re-evaluating.