Natural Deodorant

Learn how to make your own natural deodorant.  A recipe developed over the past 30 years by Dr. Piana…. Learn How

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We have compiled a list of MUST watch videos to help you learn important health fixes… Check it out!

Oral Inflammation... Home Care

Reduce oral inflammation to stop the bleeding of oral bacteria in to your blood.  Read More.

Customized Vitamins Now Available

Stop throwing money down the toilet.  Get a prescription for only what your body needs.  Read How!

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Bra's and Lymphatic Dysfunction

Can your bra be the cause of lymphatic congestion?  Your bra acts like a tourniquet and restricts blood flow and your immune system. See how your bra may be the cause of various diseases… Read

Thermography Shows Hormonal Dysfunction... Read

Hormone toxicity can arise from internal hormonal imbalance, or more commonly from extraneous hormone disruptors.  Read how you can manage your hormone health with the help of thermography.

7 Daily Steps to Wellness Program

Dr. Piana’s inspired wellness program fits any level of commitment. It is designed  to allow health to restore from within. Read More…